With home energy performance awareness on the rise, there is need for a low-cost tool to encourage homeowner investment in efficiency improvements. One of those tools is the virtual audit. In recent years, virtual audits have appeared as an alternative solution to identify opportunities for efficiency upgrades in ways that reduce time, effort, and in-person contact. The importance of virtual audit capabilities became more evident as COVID-19 made in-home energy audits more difficult during social distancing. As states continue their efforts to revitalize and upgrade the energy performance of homes and stimulate efficiency workforce activity, virtual energy audits provide a flexible, scalable solution to push efficiency forward.

The following opportunity is being piloted for homeowners or renters of 1-4 units throughout the state of New York, excluding Long Island. 

Project Outline

NEEP and its partners are launching a two-part solution to virtual home energy audits. Step 1 utilizes Energy Estimator, a joint tool developed by NEEP and ClearlyEnergy, to provide virtual pre-assessments to identify homes that qualify for Step 2. During Step 2, customers use Signetron’s customized app to walk through their homes to collect relevant data. The app uploads information on home energy features to Energy Estimator where an energy model is created automatically. The solution features an online platform accessible by both customer and contractor. Homeowners can view savings estimates from individual upgrade options and contractors can manage their customer pipeline, collect data, and model projects to streamline the sales workflow. 

Value Proposition for Home Energy Contractors and Homeowners

The process to undertake home efficiency upgrades can be long and complex for both homeowners and contractors. Remotely offers a solution to make this process easier, less stressful, less costly, and more efficient. Remotely offers a virtual solution to streamline the home energy audit process. Some benefits include:

 Contractor Benefits
  • Remotely features a contractor engagement tool, the Energy Estimator - an online web platform used to complete the virtual pre-assessment. Contractors can manage their customer pipeline, collect and edit data, and model projects to streamline the sales workflow.
    • If successful, contractors will have a tool to help funnel a pipeline of potential homes to home energy audits. This streamlined turnaround time can lead to increased conversion rates, lower customer acquisition costs, increased website traffic, and more knowledgeable customers
 Homeowner Benefits
  • Designed for customers with varying knowledge of their homes, Remotely follows a customer-led approach, helping educate homeowners on their home’s energy performance, energy systems, and costs throughout the process that results in less time and costs
  • To enhance engagement in a virtual setting, the Remotely app offers training materials, including one pagers, step-by-step guides, and tutorial videos to ensure proper procedures for both the virtual pre-assessment and customized walkthrough.
  • Be connected with local contractors and community-based organizations participating in the Remotely Pilot and take the next steps in your home retrofit process.

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