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The Smart Energy Home: Driving Residential Decarbonization ( )

States, cities, and utilities across the region have made aggressive commitments to deep carbon reductions. In our 2018 Strategic Electrification Action Plan, NEEP found that significantly decarbonizing buildings to the necessary levels will require energy efficiency, a number of distributed energy… Read more

High Performance Buildings

Northeast Collaborative for High Performance Schools Criteria (NE-CHPS) Version 3.2 ( )

The Northeast CHPS Verified Program (NE-CHPS) has been designed to provide guidance and verification for new school projects, renovations, and new schools on existing campuses to achieve high performance goals. The tables below summarize the criteria and how they apply to different project types.… Read more


The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Energy Efficiency Research and Development (R&D) Connector: Findings and Recommendations ( )

At least half of America’s economic growth can be attributed to scientific and technological innovation. However, as government and businesses continue to plant the seeds for tomorrow’s technologies by making investments in basic and applied research and development (R&D), it becomes… Read more

High Performance Buildings

Construction Codes in the Northeast: Myths and Realities of Energy Code Adoption and the Economic Effects - 2018 Update ( )

Energy codes are a critical piece of the puzzle for state and community energy and carbon emissions reduction plans. All states and several cities in the NEEP region have aggressive emissions reduction goals, and increased efficiency in building codes will helps them achieve these goals. Yet, when… Read more

High Efficiency Products

Getting to Yes: Scaling Comprehensive Efficiency in Commercial Buildings ( )

As NEEP continues to advance our mission of carbon reduction, we must stop to consider the achieved successes as well as the remaining potential for market transformation of energy efficiency. The commercial sector is a large energy user and the energy sources used today are primarily carbon-… Read more

High Performance Buildings

Opportunities for Strategic Energy Management in the Municipal Water Sector ( )

Opportunities for Strategic Energy Management in the Municipal Water Sector The municipal water system provides critical services to communities across the country and consumes a significant amount of energy in doing so. Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) and Drinking Water Treatment Plants… Read more

High Performance Buildings

Building Energy Codes for a Carbon Constrained Era: A Toolkit of Strategies and Examples ( )

Buildings consume about two-thirds of the United States’ power supply and produce about 40 percent of carbon emissions. Buildings that are being constructed now will have a considerable impact on our region’s energy use 50 to 100 years from now. Thus, the built environment, including residential,… Read more

EM&V Forum

Early Replacement Measures Study: Phase I Research Report ( )

The purpose of this study was to characterize energy efficiency programs with early replacement measures. It examined: eligibility criteria, measure savings assumptions, baseline assumptions and remaining useful life assumptions.  It reviews and compares program designs, savings calculations… Read more

EM&V Forum

Advanced Measurement & Verification (M&V) Brief: An Evolving Industry ( )

This brief seeks to provide an inventory and overview of advanced M&V vendors—companies and software tools—currently on the market. It also presents case studies of specific projects from several applications that have used advanced M&V tools for a variety of end goals, from evaluating… Read more


Strategic Electrification Regional Assessment ( )

New York and the New England states have adopted aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goals. Deep decarbonization will be required to achieve these goals, and the region has made substantial progress. Emissions from energy use in these seven states in 2015 was 19 percent less than… Read more

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