Variable Speed Drive Loadshape Report

The EM&V Forum commissioned this study to assess the annual, peak, and hourly demand impacts from VSD installations. The study focused on VSD retrofit projects on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment in existing commercial buildings using rebates from the Sponsor’s prescriptive VSD programs. Through primary and secondary data collection and analysis, the evaluation team developed hourly demand savings estimates—savings loadshapes—for VSDs installed on various HVAC equipment types across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. The study uses these loadshapes to calculate key savings metrics, including average annual energy savings and demand savings during peak periods, attributed to VSD retrofit projects across the NEEP states.

The EM&V Forum provides these study results and primary data to its members to support Sponsor activities including regulatory filings for energy-efficiency programs, demand resource values submitted to forward-capacity markets, and air quality research.

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