Webinar: Demonstration of LBNL M&V2.0 Software Tool: Estimating Commercial Facilities’ Energy Consumption and Impacts

This webinar provides an introduction and demonstration of an M&V2.0 Software Tool under development by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). The tool is applicable to estimate weather-normalized energy consumption and impacts (pre and post-treatment) for one - or many - commercial facilities.  It has been designed for ease of use with monthly or higher frequency (e.g. hourly or 15 minute interval) metering/billing data and to provide transparent results and accessible graphs. The Open source software too is expected to become available late in 2017. Documentation and coding in R and test results are available now.  This tool is being used in the M&V2.0 Pilot Research Project funded by the US DOE and State Energy Partners which is being hosted by CT DEEP and facilitated by NEEP and LBNL.


View the webinar here (after completing registration):


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