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2024 IECC: A Call to Action for States and Local Governments

There is mounting evidence of the negative impact of fossil fuels on both the climate and human health. To mitigate these impacts in buildings, we need energy-efficient and electric ready measures to conserve energy, reduce emissions, and create…

Policy Roundup: Looking at the Latest Energy Efficiency Planning Processes

Not only is 2024 the year for Inflation Reduction Act funds, but it is also for planning customer-funded energy efficiency programs! Five states in the NEEP region will set new, multi-year energy efficiency plans. If approved, these plans will…


The Problem in Multifamily Energy Data Access

In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, multifamily buildings account for up to 39 percent of total housing, almost 10 percent above the national average. Multifamily buildings are more likely to house low-income residents, with over 19 million…


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