Deep Dive Sessions

Tuesday, June 14

Small group workshops designed to stimulate thought leadership discussions, provide valuable "take home" implementable knowledge as well as forge meaningful industry relationships. Availability is limited to 28 for each Deep Dive. Be sure to highlight a few of interest in case they fill up. Don't worry though, you'll get a second chance as these workshops repeat!

We're All In This Together: Unlocking The Potential of Building Performance Standards

Building performance standards are rapidly gaining momentum across the region as key programs to achieve climate goals. But what does success look like to the many stakeholder groups that are involved in and impacted throughout the lifecycle of a BPS program? This workshop session will offer a crash course in BPS standards followed by a focused discussion of the roles of jurisdictions, utilities, contractors, community members, building owners, manufacturers, and more as we work together to unlock the secret to success with BPS.

Facilitator - Ryan Freed, Senior Director of Policy & Regulatory Strategy, Institute for Market Transformation

Expert - Precious Rideout, Associate Director of Community Engagement, Institute for Market Transformation

Identifying the Right Metrics: A Cost Benefit Analysis for Policy Success

Achieving equitable decarbonization goals requires a paradigm shift away from short-term energy savings and towards long-term energy, environmental, and equity goals for energy efficiency program planning and cost-benefit analysis. This workshop will focus on developing a jurisdiction-based test using the steps outlined in the National Standard Practice Manual for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Distributed Energy Resources and identifying how different policies and priorities impact inputs to the analysis.

Facilitator - Erin Cosgrove, Public Policy Manager, NEEP

Expert - Julie Michals, Director of Valuation, E4TheFuture

Electrification Without the Shocks?

We need to electrify building end uses, and we need it done quickly, at scale. But electrification has challenges, including affordability, that will produce inequitable results if not acknowledged and addressed. Join this Deep Dive to dig into the cost issues - from the equipment to the grid - and how programs and policies might address them.

Facilitator - Jamal Lewis, Director of Policy Partnerships & Equitable Electrification, Rewiring America

Expert - Blaine Fox, Vice President of Business Development, CMC Energy Services

Common Ground: Energy Officials & Air Regulators

Clean energy and air pollution goals are related. However, energy efficiency experts and air quality regulators often speak different languages, sit in different departments, and have different mandates and powers. This workshop session will collaboratively explore opportunities for these actors to come together to advance energy, air quality, equity, and climate goals.

Facilitator - Natalie Hildt Treat, Senior Policy Advisor, NESCAUM

Expert - Nancy Seidman, Senior Advisor, Regulatory Assistance Project

That Was Easy: One Stop Shop Programs

Navigating through an energy efficiency retrofit project often means dealing with multiple contractors and numerous visits. This gets even more complex when electrification, storage, or onsite renewables like solar are part of the project. In this workshop, we will dig into the successes and challenges of one-stop-shop program models in both income-eligible and market rate programs.

Facilitator - Glenn Schatz,  Chief Revenue Officer, BlocPower

ExpertHammad Chaudhry, Senior Manager of Conservation & Load Management, Avangrid

Beyond Grants

We need sustainable funding models that drive equitable decarbonization. Beyond grants and ratepayer-funded programs, what models are working now and what might be accelerated with federal funds? Can we define value propositions for decarbonization that will unlock new sources of capital that benefit the most vulnerable? Join this workshop as we explore what's available and what's possible.

Facilitator - Carolyn Sarno Goldthwaite, Vice President of Customer Engagement, ClearlyEnergy

Expert - Jay Merves, Director of Business Development & Finance, New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation

Beyond Widgets

After years of designing programs to tackle individual measures like lighting, program implementers must shift to new solutions that capture significant energy savings while controlling costs for consumers and ensuring equitable access to benefits. This working session will explore how energy efficiency programs are evolving to achieve cost-effective deeper savings, provide benefits to all customers, and embrace new ways of delivering savings. Join us to talk program models that go beyond widgets and engage new customers in novel ways.

Facilitator - Sherri Billimoria, Manager, Rocky Mountain Institute

Expert - Chris Skoglund, Director of Energy Transition, Clean Energy New Hampshire

Hey Neighbor! Community-led Solutions

The Goal: 80% reduction in GHG emissions by 2050. The Objective: Utilize forthcoming federal funds to develop a path for success. Today’s Mission: As a community, we must explore potential models that address GHG reduction projects across municipal, commercial, and residential buildings. We’ll cover potential funding streams and highlight success stories such as zero energy schools and residential energy labeling to jumpstart the conversation – then, it’s up to you. What funds can be utilized for these projects? What takes priority? How do we set ourselves up for long-term success?

Facilitator - John Balfe, Senior Manager of Buildings and Community Solutions, NEEP

Expert - Maggie Molina, Branch Chief of State and Local Climate and Energy Program, Environmental Protection Agency

Getting to Zero without a Net

Across the region and beyond, policymakers are setting net-zero emissions goals but what does it mean to achieve net-zero? If net-zero is the target, what is the outcome? The session will explore net-zero energy policies, where they come from, whether net-zero supports equity for communities, and what net-zero infers when used as a decarbonization framework.

Facilitator - Richard Sedano, President and CEO, Regulatory Assistance Project

ExpertDavid Smedick, Federal & International Policy for Carbon Free Buildings, Rocky Mountain Institute

Centering Equity in Language and Metrics

Without proactive action, inequities will continue to exist in the implementation of energy efficiency programs. In recent years, policy makers and program administrators have found that the way equity is defined and the metrics used to determine impacts are just as important as program outcomes. This discussion will explore how states and cities have used this data to redesign their energy efficiency portfolios, increase participation in underserved communities, and ensure an equitable distribution of benefits. Let's discuss how and why terms and definitions can be used to achieve specific goals.

Facilitator - Michael Li, Senior Advisor, Office of the Under Secretary for Infrastructure, DOE

Expert - Genevieve LaMarr LaMee, Senior Advisor for Environmental Justice, City of Philadelphia

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