Demystifying Sessions

Wednesday, June 15

A moderator and expert team will break down industry buzzwords for us. What you always wanted to know, but were afraid to admit you didn't!

What the FERC?

What, exactly, does FERC do, and what impact does FERC have on state and local clean energy and climate goals? How are recent changes at FERC going to "trickle down" to state and local energy efficiency and decarbonization opportunities?

Moderator - Tom Rutigliano, Senior Advocate of Climate and Clean Energy, Natural Resources Defense Council

Expert - Joseph Rosenthal, Senior Policy Advisor, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

Energy efficiency practitioners have spent several decades socializing the concept of efficiency as a resource, then along comes "virtual power plants." How are VPPs different than energy conservation? Than distributed energy resources? Do they exist now, and how might they impact the future?

Moderator - David Nemtzow, Senior Advisor of Virtual Power Plants, U.S. Department of Energy

Expert - Carmen Best, Vice President of Policy and Emerging Markets, Recurve

It's Coming From Inside the House! Embodied Carbon

We're still hard at work tackling emissions from building operations, but addressing the embodied carbon in building construction and materials is on the horizon. This discussion will address how a focus on embodied carbon might shift policy and regulatory tools like building codes and lead-by-example programs.

Moderator - Erin Beddingfield, Associate Director of Codes and Policy, New Buildings Institute

Expert - Lauren Wingo, Senior Engineer and Project Manager, Arup

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