In today’s world, we are more connected than ever. Advanced technologies and software tools are developed daily. Despite this advancement, homeowners find themselves uninformed about how much energy they’re using and, more importantly, how much can be saved. Empowering homeowners through energy modeling tools can give them a more holistic view of home energy use, which can influence their home’s efficiency through recommended measures and improvements.

Since buildings account for approximately 41 percent of all energy consumption, 72 percent of electricity usage, and over one-third of greenhouse gas emissions, Energy Estimator – Powered by HELIX & ClearlyEnergy can provide a scalable solution for homeowners to make more informed decisions about the full costs of operating homes. It can motivate investments that lower energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, expand job growth, and increase overall comfort.   

What is Energy Estimator?

In 2019, NEEP and ClearlyEnergy developed a companion tool called, Energy Estimator – Powered by HELIX & ClearlyEnergy. Energy Estimator is an automated energy modeling (AEM) tool that evolved from the Home Energy Labeling Information eXchange, (HELIX), which stores home energy labels, certifications, and solar PV data, to supplement information from publicly-available tax assessor databases. Additionally, the tool produces a breakdown of annual energy costs in which homeowners or energy professionals can refine the cost estimate with utility bill data and information about in-home assets via a virtual audit. Energy Estimator generates a customizable home energy label to which homeowners and HELIX subscribers have access.


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Support Energy Labeling Efforts: States and communities can utilize the tool to simplify management of residential labeling programs or policies. Once a label is generated, it is sent back to HELIX as a repository to store and populate into MLS listings to better market and valuate homes during the real estate process. States, communities, and utilities who subscribe to HELIX can track compliance

Identify Retrofit and Upgrade Candidates: Energy Estimator provides cost-effective, online screenings of homes to identify candidates for in-home audits, weatherization, HVAC, appliance or lighting upgrades. In conjunction with HELIX, energy professionals can track energy upgrades of a home. The tool also breaks down estimated savings from solar PV, electric heat pumps, and other retrofit programs.

Advance Real Estate Programs: Energy efficiency mortgages are the most cost-effective way of retrofitting homes. Energy Estimator effectively screens homes to identify green mortgage candidates, in addition to using the HELIX database to produce supporting documents (i.e. Green Addendum).

Support Virtual Audits: Energy Estimator can be used to perform virtual audits by allowing energy professionals to work with homeowners to collect home system information and/or bill information. Energy professionals can review audited homes, share the customized energy report with homeowners and proceed to contracting. With lower costs compared to traditional on-site audits and reduced time on-site, contractors can work with a greater number of homes creating a larger pipeline of projects.


Applicable Uses:

In efforts to upgrade the energy performance of Montpelier’s building stock and achieve its net-zero carbon goals, the Vermont capital will implement the Montpelier Energy Disclosure Ordinance to regulate and enforce energy efficiency disclosure requirements.

As a result, Montpelier sellers and selling agents must provide a Vermont Home Energy Profile (VHEP), a home energy label based on the Energy Estimator – Powered by HELIX & ClearlyEnergy. Montpelier is able to use HELIX to auto-populate home energy information to its local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - the New England Real Estate Network (NEREN), where HELIX is currently integrated. Data entered into the Energy Estimator tool will populate the VHEP and be made available in both the tool and HELIX. In turn, Montpelier city staff will have access to HELIX to manage ordinance implementation by tracking compliance with the ordinance, running reports, issuing enforcement letters, and analyzing the energy performance of Montpelier homes.

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