Q&A Panels

Wednesday, June 15

A curated panel and facilitator are at the ready to field your questions. At these sessions, we trust our audience to steer the conversation.

More for Your Dollar: Braided Funding

Programs that coordinate different actors and leverage multiple sources of funding can go further in alleviating energy burden and creating safe and healthy homes. Join this session to ask leaders how they did it. Bring all of your questions to this session as we dive into programs that coordinate doers and dollars.




Workforce Development: Making it Work

Workforce development is a complex topic with many needs, approaches, and solutions. In this workshop we will work to unpack workforce development with a discussion of specific, tactical ways that organizations are succeeding in building a more diverse energy efficiency workforce. The conversation will aim to tease out tools and models that can be replicated to grow and diversify the workforce.


  • Greg King, Managing Director, TSK Energy Solutions



Driving Decarbonization at Scale: Utility Pilots

Across the region, utilities are implementing innovative decarbonization projects that impact whole neighborhoods. These include new ways of delivering heating and cooling, such as geo-microgrids, geo-targeted electrification, and demonstrations of new fuel sources. This Q&A panel is the place to ask how these innovative approaches are working and how they might scale.


  • Emily Levin, Director of Strategic Market Development, VEIC


  • Shaun Hoyte, Section Manager of Clean Energy Networks, Con Edison
  • Kristina Nikiforova, Lead Analyst for Leadership Development Program, National Grid
  • Ted Trabue, Managing Director, District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU)


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