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Non-Energy Impacts Approaches and Values: an Examination of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Beyond ( )

A non-energy impact (NEI) is an additional benefit (positive or negative) for participants in energy efficiency beyond the energy savings gained from installing energy efficient measures. NEIs include benefits such as reduced costs for operation and maintenance associated with efficient equipment… Read more

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EM&V Best Practices & Recommendations for Industrial SEM Programs ( )

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a relatively new energy efficiency strategy that has demonstrated the ability to capture comprehensive savings from large industrial and commercial facilities. SEM program designs focus on achieving energy savings from continuous improvement of operational… Read more

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure - Utility Trends and Cost-Benefit Analyses in the NEEP Region ( )

The purpose of this report is to provide insight into utility trends regarding AMI deployment costs and benefits within the NEEP region. The report reviews the costs and benefits evaluated in both retrospective and prospective AMI deployment proposals, highlighting any outlying factors included in… Read more

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Auto M&V Industry Brief: How Fast is the EM&V Paradigm Changing? ( )

NEEP's January 2017 brief on the Auto M&V Industry builds upon the work that was previously completed in the Changing the EM&V Paradigm, a whitepaper which aimed to characterize the trends in tools and services pertaining to data collection and analytics that provide automated, ongoing… Read more

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The Smart Energy Home: Strategies to Transform the Region ( )

As NEEP seeks to advance efficiency as a key piece of demand-side resource management, home energy management systems (HEMS) continue to present a unique opportunity and challenge. While energy savings have been documented for many HEMS, some of the most promising opportunities from these devices… Read more

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The State of the Market: A Residential Lighting Brief ( )

NEEP has been tracking the residential lighting market for several years and has provided analysis in many reports. As the transformation of this complex market gains traction, we find the conversation and need for new information narrowing to one key topic: LEDs. While CFLs continue to play a… Read more

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Roadmap to Zero Energy Public Buildings: Progress Report ( )

On June 17, 2016 NEEP released a progress report to supplement the original Roadmap to Zero Energy Public Buildings entitled the Roadmap to Zero Energy Public Buildings: Progress Report. This progress report details how each state has progressed towards meeting the "critical next steps"… Read more

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Incremental Cost - Emerging Technology ( )

This report presents the results of research and analysis of estimated incremental costs, including labor costs where appropriate, of several emerging technology categories. Efficiency program administrators rely on estimated and reported incremental costs for efficient technologies, compared with… Read more

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Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Industrial Sector Report: Market Assessment & Recommended Strategies to Accelerate Energy Efficiency ( )

Of the four major energy-consuming sectors of the United States economy—residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial, and transportation—the industrial sector consumes the largest amount of energy. The industrial sector is responsible for approximately 31 percent of total energy use, or… Read more

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Next Generation Energy Efficiency: The 2016 Regional Roundup of Energy Efficiency Policy ( )

The Regional Roundup of Energy Efficiency Policy is intended to give policymakers, regulators, efficiency proponents, program administrators and other stakeholders a comparative view of the progress of energy efficiency policies and programs across the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region. Along with… Read more

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