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NE-MA Combined Heat and Power Dialogue Report ( )

In response to President Obama’s 2012 Executive Order Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency which calls for 40 GW of new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) capacity over the next decade, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is holding a series of regional meetings to discuss… Read more

Public Policy

Carbon Emissions Standards & Energy Efficiency Nov. 2013 ( )

On June 25, 2013, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum directing the U.S. EPA to “issue carbon pollution standards, regulations, or guidelines, as appropriate, for modified, reconstructed and existing power plants.” Under the directive, the EPA must issue proposed… Read more

Public Policy

A Systems Approach to Economical Industrial Efficiency & Combined Heat & Power in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic States Aug. 2013 ( )

This paper was prepared for Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC). This report reflects the opinions and judgments of the NEEP staff and its consultant, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions and judgments of NEEP board members,… Read more

High Efficiency Products

Business & Consumer Electronics: A Strategy for the Northeast 2013 ( )

The Northeast Mid-Atlantic region is a leader in energy efficiency and has achieved very substantial energy savings over the last several decades; Business and Consumer Electronics BCE), however, represents a plug load category that continues to grow, both in energy consumption and in the number of… Read more

High Efficiency Products

Northeast Residential Lighting Strategy: 2013 - 2014 Update ( )

Welcome to the second update to the Northeast Residential Strategy. In 2013, while thinking about the Residential Lighting needs for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic we realized that the market for efficient residential lighting had changed dramatically since the release of the 2012-2013 Update, and… Read more

EM&V Forum

Mid-Atlantic Technical Reference Manual V3 ( )

March 2013 - The March 2013 Version of the TRM documents common savings assumptions for over fifty prescriptive residential and commercial/industrial electric and gas energy efficiency measures, including 14 updated measures and 7 new measures.  

EM&V Forum

Primary Research on Advanced Power Strips ( )

This report presents the results of primary research conducted to better determine the potential for energy savings through the utilization of advanced power strips (APS) in commercial environments, and to determine appropriate methodologies for assessing the savings. The primary research conducted… Read more

EM&V Forum

Incremental Cost Study Phase 2 Report ( )

February 2013 - This is the second phase of the EM&V Forum Incremental Cost Study. It includes cost curves for the following efficiency measures: residential combined heat and hot water systems; ventilation fans; residential cellulose attic insulation; economizers; ductless minisplit… Read more

EM&V Forum

Emerging Technologies Research Report ( )

This report presents the results of secondary research and analysis of several emerging technologies and new efficiency program approaches performed as the initial phase of a project for the Evaluation, Monitoring and Verification Forum (EM&V Forum or Forum) managed by the Northeast Energy… Read more

High Performance Buildings

Building Energy Rating and Disclosure Policies ( )

As states and cities seek to meet their energy savings and carbon emissions reduction goals, new and innovative solutions are needed to improve energy efficiency in the stock of existing homes and buildings. One key tool—building energy rating and disclosure (BER&D) —seeks to ensure… Read more

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