High Efficiency Products

Northeast Residential Lighting Strategy ( )

Even with new minimum federal lighting efficiency standards, energy efficient lighting products continue to offer a major opportunity to cost-effectively reduce household energy use over the next 8-9 years. As a result, high efficiency products offer an important role to assist New England and New… Read more

EM&V Forum

Net Savings Research Project ( )

This project, includes a variety of activities conducted for the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc. (NEEP) and its Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM&V) Forum (hereafter EMV Forum or the Forum) over the course of many years. Three issues motivated the Forum members… Read more

High Performance Buildings

Model Progressive Building Energy Codes Policy 2012 Updates ( )

Buildings in the United States continue to be one of the largest users of energy, accounting for approximately 41 percent of all energy consumption, 72 percent of electricity usage, and over one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As expenditures on energy efficiency programs in the… Read more

High Performance Buildings

Greening the Public Sector, Maximizing Energy Efficiency ( )

The majority of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states have policies in place to ensure that publicly funded building projects reduce their energy use, lighten their carbon footprint, and save money by lowering operating costs. At a time when the economic climate has slowed new construction in many… Read more

EM&V Forum

Data Collection Protocols 2012 ( )

December 2012 - These protocols are intended to facilitate the sharing and leveraging of metering study data for the following priority end-uses where metering is an important element of evaluation: Commercial lighting Commercial refrigeration Commercial HVAC Commercial Process… Read more

Public Policy

2011 Regional Roundup of Energy Efficiency Policy in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic States ( )

The last year has been a particularly eventful time for energy efficiency policy in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, with several new governors taking office, significant ideological shifts occurring in some state legislatures, the draw-down of federal Recovery Act funds dedicated to energy… Read more

EM&V Forum

Unitary HVAC Load Shape Study ( )

This C&I Unitary HVAC Load Shape Project developed weather normalized 8,760 (representing every hour of the year) cooling end-use load shapes representative of hourly savings for the target population of efficient unitary HVAC equipment promoted by efficiency programs in the New England, New… Read more

EM&V Forum

Mid-Atlantic Technical Reference Manual V2 ( )

July 2011 - The Mid-Atlantic Technical Reference Manual (TRM) project was sponsored by Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.  The Version 2 TRM documents in detail common savings assumptions for approximately fifty prescriptive residential and commercial/industrial electric… Read more

EM&V Forum

REED Annual Report 2011 ( )

Prior to the public launch of the Regional Energy Efficiency Database (REED) in February 2013 energy efficiency stakeholders across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states had to look to myriad sources for energy efficiency program results and associated information. With the introduction of REED,… Read more

EM&V Forum

EMV Glossary ( )

The Glossary defines and explains terms used in the evaluation, measurement, verification (EMV), and market research of electric and gas energy efficiency, conservation, load management, demand response, and other demand reduction activities that regulators, policymakers, and other non-technical… Read more

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