The Building Energy Benchmarking Dashboard is an interactive tool that displays key data collected through benchmarking efforts at the state and local level throughout the region. The purpose of the dashboard is to show the impacts and trends that benchmarking policies have relative to the amount of building space being benchmarked (i.e. number of buildings and square footage) and the actual energy and associated greenhouse gas emission reductions (i.e. EUI, ENERGY STAR Score, and GHG Emissions). The dashboard utilizes the most recent data that was made available by each jurisdiction.

Data Sources

City-level data is publicly available information, posted to websites operated by each individual city. NEEP utilized the raw data for this tool and verified the information to the best of our ability. Within the dashboard, you will find the data source linked for each city.

State-level data is generally less available online. To obtain this data, NEEP worked with our state energy office partners. For more information about this data, please see the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Related Resources

For assistance with benchmarking policies, NEEP has many free online resources, as well as direct one-on-one technical assistance.

Benchmarking Toolkit – includes frequently asked questions, links, and additional information.

Benchmarking Gaps and Analysis for Small, Medium, and Rural Communities – intended to help smaller communities with benchmarking initiatives by providing insights into unique challenges and opportunities they face.

Benchmarking Policy Tracker – provides a snapshot of all cities in the region that have adopted building energy benchmarking policies, and provides key policy-related information.

South Portland Benchmarking Exemplar – highlights one city’s unique approach to benchmarking and provides insights into its process.

Transforming Data into Action Report – highlights strategies and best practices for cities and states that have compiled data from a benchmarking policy.

Data to Action Report – highlights strategies and best practices for cities and states that have compiled data from a benchmarking policy. 

Centering Equity in the Rules and Regulations of a Building Performance Standard - Highlights strategies and best practices for cities, towns, and states to embed equity into the regulations for a building performance standard.





For questions about the benchmarking dashboard, or for assistance with a benchmarking policy, please contact John Balfe or Andy Winslow

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