2017 Regional cold climate Air Source Heat Pump Market Transformation Workshop


Hosted at Schneider Electric Boston One Campus
800 Federal Street
Andover, MA 01810
United States

Event Date


NEEP hosted its our annual in-person cold climate Air Source Heat Pump Workshop on June 27-28, 2017. This event gathered key stakeholders from across the ASHP market, including manufacturers, program administrators, installers, technology experts, state/local policy makers, and others to coordinate effective implementation of regional market transformation strategies. The 2016 Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Air Source Heat Pump Market Strategies report provided a framework of key strategies for the regional stakeholders to discuss, explore and debate.

Agenda - June 27


Welcome - Workshop Framing

Dave Lis, NEEP


The role of ASHPs in Energy Vision 2030

Keynote Speaker: Jamie Howland, Acadia Center


State and Local Policy Activity aimed at Expanding Adoption of ASHPs

Jeremy Koo, Meister Consulting Group



What are we learning from in-field ASHP Metering Research?

  • Dave Korn, Cadmus
  • Ari Jackson, Cadmus

Local ASHP Initiatives to Drive Adoption

Jonathan Comstock, HeatSmart Tompkins Initiative

Jonathan Comstock shared his experiences implementing Heat Smart Tompkins, a community-based initiative aimed at educating and enabling citizens of Tompkins County to learn about and install clean heating technologies.


Installer Guidance on Sizing, Selecting and Installing ASHPs in cold climates



Reflections from the morning

Dave Lis, NEEP


Getting to Integrated Controls

Dana Fischer from Efficiency Maine provided an update on a pilot that is looking at integrated control systems that manage ductless ASHPs in coordination with central heating systems. Richard Faesy from Energy Futures Group shared additional perspectives on the need for, and potential of, these types of controls. NEEP’s Claire Miziolek brought additional perspective from the world of smart thermostats and the launch of ENERGY STAR’s recent smart thermostat specification.

Moving ASHP Market through Novel Program Interventions

Howard Merson, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation



Wrap up


Agenda - June 28


Welcome Back

Dave Lis, NEEP


Cold-Climate ASHP Specification and the Future of Improved Performance Metrics

NEEP led this session to inform the evolution of its Cold-climate ASHP Specification.  Is this technical definition of cold-climate ASHPs still appropriate?  Should the technical requirements reporting requirements evolve? How might the CSA’s new proposal for ASHP test procedure impact the Specification?  


Expanding the Initiative to Commercial Equipment (VRF)

Attendees discussed whether the commercial ASHP market could benefit from a regional market transformation initiative.

  • Davis Lis, NEEP
  • Josh Kessler, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Manufacturer Speed Dating Sessions

Six 15-minute sessions with individual manufacturers


Optional Tour of Schneider Electric's recently completed MicroGrid


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