Are Stretch Codes a Barrier to Affordable Housing in New Jersey?

October 27, 2022

New Jersey is among the most expensive states to live in and there are numerous existing barriers to constructing new affordable housing. Excessive regulations have been found to drive up the already…

Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Heating Electrification Market Transformation Progress Report

October 27, 2022

This report captures results from NEEP’s annual survey of regional stakeholders to assess perceived progress in implementing the seven key market strategies outlined in NEEP’s Northeast/Mid-Atlantic…

IECC 2024 Commercial Draft

October 21, 2022

After a year of numerous ICC 2024 IECC Consensus Committee meetings, the ICC published the first draft of the 2024 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for Commercial Buildings on September…

Residential Off-Site Construction: Misconception vs. Reality

October 5, 2022

Builders, architects, and homeowners are often unfamiliar with off-site construction, and there are a number of benefits (and outdated misconceptions) that this fact sheet discusses.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Opportunities for School Building Energy Efficiency

September 12, 2022

Students spend more than 15,000 hours in school buildings throughout their educational careers and are adversely affected by poor building conditions. Designing and building schools to a higher…

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Opportunities for Community Building Energy Efficiency

September 9, 2022

Community action for building energy efficiency and emissions reductions is critical for achieving local and state goals, and many communities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are leading the way.…

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