Identifying Equity-Centered Tracking Metrics

August 5, 2022

Equity-related tracking efforts, whether in the energy efficiency space or beyond, are important ways to better understand current practices, identify gaps, see trends over time, and provide…

Accounting for Equity in Cost-Benefit Analysis

August 5, 2022

Current cost-benefit analysis practices ensure energy efficiency programs deliver cost-effective energy savings. This means inputs to the cost-benefit analysis look only at energy costs and savings,…

Identifying Disparities with an Equity Gap Analysis

August 5, 2022

An equity gap analysis can help regulators and program implementers understand inequities in access to the benefits of energy efficiency programs. A gap analysis is an important step in understanding…

Creating a Process for Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement

August 5, 2022

The first step to centering equity metrics in energy efficiency programs is for policymakers to create a process for meaningful stakeholder engagement that allows for members of historically…

Massachusetts Commercial Energy-Zero (E-Z) Code Summary

August 1, 2022

The MA Commercial E-Z Code offers multiple compliance paths for the design of commercial zero-energy buildings: a prescriptive path, a performance path (wit prescriptive backstops), and a Passive…

Massachusetts Residential Energy-Zero (E-Z) Code Summary

August 1, 2022

The MA Residential Code pays particular attention to embodied carbon.

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Specification (Version 4.0)

July 27, 2022

This updated specification (version 4) defines a set of performance requirements and reporting requirements to meet the voluntary “Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Specification” (ccASHP…

TEP Workforce Development: Home Energy General Contractor Fact Sheet

June 30, 2022

This fact sheet describes the role of a general contractor in the context of the TEP program, and outlines the skills and training necessary to become a home energy general contractor.

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