One of NEEP’s core tenets is collaboration, which is even more important during times of crisis. Part of this collaboration is to be a resource for those in our industry looking for answers during this uncertain time. We’ve provided this resource page in hopes that it will address question or concerns regarding COVID-related information. If you have a suggestion for additional resources reach out to our Marketing Associate, Victoria Salvatore at This page will be regularly updated.




Some states are opening regulatory proceedings to examine COVID-19 impacts. Examples include:

  • Massachusetts - Docket 20-58 opened May 11 to investigate potential policies and practices regarding customer assistance and ratemaking measures for utilities. A Customer Assistance and Ratemaking working group to assist in establishing appropriate policies and practices was also established.
  • Maryland - Docket PC53 opened July 8 to elicit information from utilities and stakeholders on the impacts of COVID -19 on utilities and the services they provide. Particularly “What regulatory actions would the utility, or other parties, suggest the Commission consider to mitigate and continue monitoring the impacts of COVID-19 on Maryland utilities and ratepayers?”
    • Docket 9639 – opened April 9 to authorize each utility create a regulatory asset to record the incremental costs related to COVID-19 incurred beginning on March 16.
  • District of Columbia Docket FC1164 opened May 28 to examine the impacts of COVID-19 on public utilities and District ratepayers. The order directs the General Counsel to convene a technical conference within 45 days after the state of emergency order is lifted.
  • Delaware Docket 20-0286 opened May 4, ordering the utilities to establish a regulatory asset account to capture and track COVID-19 related costs. Further requests will be filed in this docket.
  • Maine Docket 2020-00098 opened March 25 to collect information on competitive electricity door-to-door marketing activities in response to COVID-19.
  • New York - Docket 20-01253/20-M-0266 initiated on June 11 to identify and address the impacts of COVID-19 on customers and utilities. As part of this proceeding, the PSC will also examine the change in electricity use, impacts on rate-setting, rate design, and utility financial strength.
    • Docket 20-00857/20-M-0187 opened April 10 in response to a joint petition for immediate rate relief for electric and gas customers in response to COVID-19. The petition recommends that surcharges and collections devoted towards funding programs likely to be delayed be paused temporarily or reduced significantly. This includes energy efficiency programs, utility heat pump programs, and new power generation and energy storage projects. Many organizations have submitted comment letters against pausing the collection of system benefits charges that are used for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.















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