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High Hopes for Energy Efficiency In Massachusetts

High Hopes for Energy Efficiency In Massachusetts

It was a typical gray and cold Western Mass winter morning, but November 20, 2018 was no ordinary day. Great anticipation filled the streets of Northampton as the first recreational cannabis dispensary opened its doors for sales. A line of thousands of people stood for hours to purchase locally-grown cannabis. My mom texted from Florida at 7:00 a.m., “your mayor is on the news, he’s first in line”.

The Policy Tracker: August 2016

With summer in full swing and the mercury rising almost as high as system loads, now is the perfect time for a brief review of the latest in energy efficiency policies and proceedings throughout the region. We’re closely monitoring New York’s CEAC processes, while also keeping an eye on key regulatory proceedings in Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont with the potential for major impacts on energy efficiency in the region. Read on for more.

The Policy Tracker: May 2016

Spring has sprung, and it’s time for the latest edition of NEEP’s Policy Tracker. We’re closely watching Maryland’s EmPOWER proceedings after indications of a possible rollback of efficiency programs, while positive developments on the regulatory front are moving New Hampshire and Delaware closer to full program implementation. Read on for more…

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