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Granite State Update: NH Makes Progress on EE, Grid Mod

A drop of one spot in the recent ACEEE State Scorecard should not dishearten Granite Staters who’ve been working hard to make the state more energy efficient. While New Hampshire slid from number 20 to 21 in the much-watched ranking of state energy efficiency leaders, there’s important progress to laud, and the future looks bright.

A Changing Landscape: Characterizing Energy Efficiency as a Resource, Not a Cost

NEEP’s 2015 Regional Roundup confirms that we’re seeing a changing landscape in the world of energy efficiency. Make no mistake about it—the ground is shifting nationally and the Northeast-Mid-Atlantic region is not invulnerable to these shifts in energy efficiency focus and practice.

With Great Investment, Comes Great Responsibility

In the Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker’s uncle, Uncle Ben, leaves him with some words of wisdom that Parker carries with him throughout the Spiderman series: With great power, comes great responsibility. As someone who’s been tracking investment in energy efficiency in our region, a similar thought, which is the title of this post, comes to mind.

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