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Turning Policy into Performance: Measuring Equity to Achieve Restorative Justice

Welcome to the newest installment of a new blog series called Turning Policy into Performance. In this series, we'll take a look at how states can implement decarbonization and climate goals with energy efficiency programs.

Unlocking the Power of Energy Data

To implement the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Home Energy Rebate Programs, state energy offices will need to address how to obtain access to consumer energy data and use it to better inform program design and customer outreach. Energy data can provide insight into customer energy use and behaviors.

Regional Energy Data Dive: How Energy Efficiency Programs Performed in 2020

After a busy winter of collecting, organizing, and analyzing new 2020 data for the Regional Energy Efficiency Database, NEEP is excited to share some new trends and results. This blog highlights how the latest REED data offers insight into regional trends.

Regional Energy Data Dive: Energy Efficiency Can Drive Energy Costs Down

With some states seeing the first hint of snow, residents and homeowners are bracing themselves for the seasonal increase of heating fuel and electricity usage during the winter. Northeast consumers use more oil and gas for heat than anywhere else in the country.

Regional Energy Data Dive: Analyzing the New REED Data

Welcome to the latest edition of Regional Energy Data Dives, formerly known as REED Renderings. Regional Energy Data Dives will be a series of blogs taking a wider look at data underlying regional demand-side program trends.

An Avalanche of Energy Data: The Rise of Energy Data Sharing

As states continue to adopt and pursue decarbonization goals, access to and analysis of energy data will be critical to help chart our path towards a decarbonized grid. Detailed energy data can provide a better understanding of the value of energy efficiency, demand response, and other distributed resources, and it can help with demand side resource program planning, grid planning, and energy forecasting efforts.

REED Rendering #19: New REED Data

Happy holidays and cheers to the New Year! 2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges. The global pandemic forced people to learn new technological skills to work from home effectively, but also gave families more time to be present with one another and pursue hobbies they’ve never had time to try before. In addition, quarantine reduced pollution levels significantly.

The Future of Measurement & Verification with Advanced M&V

Evaluation, measurement, and verification, also known as EM&V, has allowed for crucial understanding of energy efficiency programs through data evaluation since the 1970s. A lot has changed in the industry since then, including the emergence of advanced M&V, also known as M&V 2.0.

REED Rendering #17: Energy Efficiency Program Results & Goals in the Covid-19 Era

Welcome to the latest REED Rendering issue, a series of blogs where we bring your attention to interesting trends that we see in the data and the stories behind those trends.

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