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Cold Climate Heat Pump Specifications and Performance Reporting: Forging New Frontiers

The landscape around heat pump performance specifications and data has evolved in recent years and in the process has raised new questions as to where specifications and performance reporting for heat pumps should go in the future. Let’s break down where we’ve been and look at where and how we can forge new frontiers.

The State of Residential Heat Pump Programs

If you’ve been following the world of heat pumps, you know this past year has seen a lot of changes, from new minimum efficiency metrics (SEER2/HSPF2) to an influx of public funding to support heat pump adoption. How are states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic incorporating these changes into their programs?

Lights, Camera, Action: Home Installation of HPWH

My husband and I are proud New England home owners. This means that our house, like many in the area, is old and leaks like a sieve. Every summer, for the last four years, we painstakingly lugged our window a/c units from our basement to our second floor bedrooms and back to basement at the end of the summer. In both these trips, we make promises to ourselves and each other to look into whole home air conditioning solutions.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small: New Tools for Improved Air Source Heat Pump Selection

Last winter, staff from NEEP’s Heating Electrification Initiative and staff from NYSERDA’s Clean Heating and Cooling teams realized we shared similar ideas about how we could enable better practices related to sizing and selecting air source heat pumps. With NYSERDA’s direct support, NEEP began working to realize these visions.

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