March 2017

By Samantha Caputo |
March snow turns to April showers, which leads to May flowers, right? This March, snow may be slowing some of us down in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, but that is not the case for policy developments. Public utility commissions and state legislatures are in full swing with an ample amount of advances since the last policy tracker. New York The commission has been busy in New York. Take a look…
Green Real Estate.jpg
By Anonymous |
Recent college grads and young adults beware, the rental/home buying process can be a difficult one - unless you’ve got some guidance. Sure, finally moving out of your parents’ house, and living with some of your best friends can be a wonderful experience, but actually looking for a home is where the real challenge lies. As a first-time renter, let me be the first to tell you that this process…
By Anonymous |
Imagine a world where knowing how much energy you’re using is the norm. In this new world, you would be able to see exactly how much energy you’re using and imagine ways to reduce your usage without ever contacting your utility. Wouldn’t that be something?  Well, guess what? That world is real and is made possible through Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Current trends in energy…

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