September 2021

By Erin Cosgrove |
Welcome to the newest installment of a new blog series called Turning Policy into Performance. In this series, we'll take a look at how states can implement decarbonization and climate goals with energy efficiency programs. History shows that some energy practices can perpetuate inequity and create additional economic hardship for already overburdened communities. Embedding equity metrics in…
By Andrew Winslow |
Strategic Energy Management is a holistic approach to managing the energy use in (but not limited to) commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities, some of the hardest to reach building types. This approach emphasizes increased operational efficiency of the building through three main types of non-capital savings as well as support from staff up and down the chain of command. In the Northeast…
By Chase Macpherson |
Climate change can feel like a really big, daunting, global problem that is too hard to solve on a small scale, but many towns and communities in the Northeast are doing just that. Almost all of the states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic have set goals for reducing their contributions to climate change, and now NEEP has set out to document the towns and cities that have followed suit,…

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