April 2015

By John Otterbein | Fri, April 17, 2015
Last we left Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), they were overseas playing a major role as Energy Continuity Systems (ECS) in Japan after the devastating Fukushima disaster disabled forty-eight of Japan’s fifty nuclear reactors. Rolling blackouts and sporadic outages plagued the Land of the Rising Sun years after the monstrous earthquake rocked the world, instilling a heightened…
By Jim OReilly | Mon, April 6, 2015
What ingredients are propelling Delaware, and what could ensure progress in New Hampshire? The following 2015 Regional Roundup case study takes a closer look at the paths these states are taking to capture all cost-effective energy efficiency. In our 2013 Regional Roundup, we rated the state of Delaware as "Still in the Starting Blocks," noting that "the clock [ran] out before…

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