April 2024

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By Dragana Thibault |
There is mounting evidence of the negative impact of fossil fuels on both the climate and human health. To mitigate these impacts in buildings, we need energy-efficient and electric ready measures to conserve energy, reduce emissions, and create healthier living environments. The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) has long served as a cornerstone for promoting building practices that…
By Erin Cosgrove |
Not only is 2024 the year for Inflation Reduction Act funds, but it is also for planning customer-funded energy efficiency programs! Five states in the NEEP region will set new, multi-year energy efficiency plans. If approved, these plans will invest at least $16 billion over the next several years in the region’s energy efficiency programs to help customers save energy and money, reduce…
By Ken Wu |
In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, multifamily buildings account for up to 39 percent of total housing, almost 10 percent above the national average. Multifamily buildings are more likely to house low-income residents, with over 19 million low-income households residing in them. Multifamily buildings are unique because they possess characteristics of both residential and commercial…

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