March 2023

Deepti's Blog Post
By Deepti Dutt |
My husband and I are proud New England home owners. This means that our house, like many in the area, is old and leaks like a sieve. Every summer, for the last four years, we painstakingly lugged our window a/c units from our basement to our second floor bedrooms and back to basement at the end of the summer. In both these trips, we make promises to ourselves and each other to look into whole…
Erin's Blog Post
By Erin Cosgrove |
The Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund presents a unique opportunity for state energy offices to not only invest in long term energy efficiency financing programs, but also provide grants to small businesses and low-income residents to improve the comfort of their buildings and install more efficient technology. The application deadline is May 26, which means states still have time to take…
By Chase Macpherson |
When I graduated from college in 2020, I had a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, many different experiences related to environmental and climate issues, and a very difficult time finding a job. I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of job I wanted, but I knew I wanted something very closely related to climate change, and that was big picture enough for me to feel like I was really able to make a difference…

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