By Deepti Dutt |
Introduction  NEEP’s 2023 Summit was set at the Hotel Marcel, a Brutalist building (think of Boston’s city hall, FBI Headquarters (J. Edgar Hoover Building) or National Museum of the America Indian in Washington D.C.) revived into the nation’s first Passive House Certified hotel. This 165-room boutique hotel included the following features: LEED Platinum certification, all-electric (no…
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By Deepti Dutt |
My husband and I are proud New England home owners. This means that our house, like many in the area, is old and leaks like a sieve. Every summer, for the last four years, we painstakingly lugged our window a/c units from our basement to our second floor bedrooms and back to basement at the end of the summer. In both these trips, we make promises to ourselves and each other to look into whole…
By Deepti Dutt |
Did you know that windows play an important role in our homes and offices? In general, they’re important in our day-to day lives. They brighten our days as they let the sunlight flow in. But why do windows really matter? They are a critical element in creating indoor spaces that we enjoy. As part of the building envelope, windows offer daylighting and shading systems to help reduce undesirable…

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