October 2020

By Bryan Evans |
We live in a data-driven society - data is everywhere! You most likely don’t think how much data and information you create; I sure didn’t think about it until now. Even when you’re sitting on your phone all day and watching Netflix on a rainy Sunday, you’re creating data. All the apps you use will analyze your information and create recommendations based on your user preferences and activity.…
By Guest Contributor |
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) produces an annual scorecard ranking 100 major cities across the United States on their clean energy efforts. The cities are scored on their transition and current work towards implementing energy efficiency programs, using renewable energy, and deploying these efforts equitably across all populations. This valuable resource from…
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By Andrew Winslow |
The previous two months were a good demonstration of the checks and balances embedded in state governments. There were three cases of back-and-forth vetoes between governors and their state legislatures, resulting in two energy efficiency “wins” and one “loss”. Let’s take a closer look at these cases. In July, the Pennsylvania legislature passed Bill 2025 which placed the…
By Samantha Lor |
Evaluation, measurement, and verification, also known as EM&V, has allowed for crucial understanding of energy efficiency programs through data evaluation since the 1970s. A lot has changed in the industry since then, including the emergence of advanced M&V, also known as M&V 2.0. Collaboration as a Means of Progress Over three years ago, CT DEEP assembled an interdisciplinary…
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