Offering Municipalities a Much-Needed Helping Hand

Most people got accustomed to (and then very tired of) saying “unprecedented times” over the last few years with the Covid-19 pandemic, but the occasion is not quite over for our industry. Right now, we are in an unprecedented time of federal funding for clean energy and infrastructure, and as a young professional I’m already sure I’ll be talking about this point in my career for a long time!

Looking Ahead to Energy Codes in 2023: What’s on the Horizon?

This year is off to a busy start and shows no sign of slowing. NEEP partnered with a number of organizations and states on concept papers in response to U.S. DOE funding opportunity announcements (more on this later) for energy codes, and we anticipate some major exciting changes and updates. 

Getting Started with Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI)

Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI) are a hot topic. RVI are like regular inspections, in that code officials or third-party inspectors are able to review building sites in “real-time” and use that information to determine whether a component of a building meets code. RVI are different, however, because technology is used to allow inspectors to conduct reviews from off-site, whether from down the street or in another state.

A Peek into the World of Windows

Did you know that windows play an important role in our homes and offices? In general, they’re important in our day-to day lives. They brighten our days as they let the sunlight flow in. But why do windows really matter? They are a critical element in creating indoor spaces that we enjoy. As part of the building envelope, windows offer daylighting and shading systems to help reduce undesirable heat loss and air leakage. In simple terms, they keep the cool and conditioned air indoors in summers and the warm air in during winters.

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