The Future of Buildings: Everything is Connected

Connection(s) are everything. It's true in our professional and personal relationships, and now more than ever, it's true for buildings. We have arrived at a time when we are designing and constructing zero energy buildings (houses, commercial buildings, schools) at cost, with a quicker and more significant return on investment than traditional construction.

The 2021 IECC, the Last Energy Code?

A March 3, 2021 vote by the International Code Council's (ICC) Board of Directors eliminated the governmental member consensus vote - the final phase of the triannual code update process for future versions of the International Energy Conservation Code. Instead, the ICC will utilize the ANSI standard development process to promulgate the 2024 IECC.

Strategic Electrification: A Pathway to Decarbonization

States and local jurisdictions have many strategies in their playbooks to meet overall decarbonization goals. One such strategy that is essential to the building sector is strategic electrification or beneficial electrification. Strategic electrification refers to the replacement of building equipment and appliances that would typically run on fossil fuels (such as gas heaters, ovens, boilers, and gas dryers) with energy-efficient equipment that is powered by electricity.

A Slow but Steady Shift to Zero Energy Building Codes

The year 2020 has been defined by many things; an unprecedented pandemic, a presidential election, and a national reckoning with social and racial justice. In Massachusetts, while all of that has been going on, a growing coalition of building professionals, municipal staff, and energy advocates has been working tirelessly to push the envelope on zero energy building codes in the state.

First Bell: Considerations for Safe Schools

At the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic is the topic of reopening schools, whether that be at the elementary, high school, or university level. The global crisis has shed light on the quality of learning environments, and further emphasizes the growing body of research that establishes the role those environments play in both occupant health and student achievement.

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