June 2016

By John Balfe |
With the lights dimmed and the stage set, CHPS was ready to make its return to the Bay State after a brief hiatus. With a recent training in Maynard, NE-CHPS took back its place at center stage. Setting the Stage  Prior to 2014, Massachusetts had long been a pioneer and national leader in the construction of CHPS Verified schools. In fact, as of 2015 there were over 60 completed CHPS…
By Sue Coakley |
It’s been 20 years since utility companies, policymakers and efficiency leaders got together to form what would become “the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships” (NEEP). In 2016, as we navigate a period of rapid change in the energy landscape, NEEP looks back on the maturation of efficiency and how far the nation, the region and the industry have come in embracing efficiency as a resource…

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