June 2023

By Aditi Dalal |
Implementing retrofits in low-income homes faces numerous issues, one of which is deferred upgrades because of health and safety issues or tube and wiring issues, that can cause program implementers to walk away from a home before a project even begins.   For example, often a resident cannot participate in energy efficiency programs if their house has lead and mold problems or other…
By Deepti Dutt |
Introduction  NEEP’s 2023 Summit was set at the Hotel Marcel, a Brutalist building (think of Boston’s city hall, FBI Headquarters (J. Edgar Hoover Building) or National Museum of the America Indian in Washington D.C.) revived into the nation’s first Passive House Certified hotel. This 165-room boutique hotel included the following features: LEED Platinum certification, all-electric (no…
NEEP Summit 2023
By Laurel Murphy |
This year – for the first time in a while – NEEP interns attended the Summit, and the lessons learned there, both around energy efficiency and professional development, were invaluable.   The 2023 Summit was a three-day affair, taking place in New Haven, CT at Hotel Marcel – the first Passive House certified hotel in the country. The event’s sessions covered a wide array of topics, from…

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