May 2019

By Sue Coakley |
Retrofitting homes and buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a big but necessary task for Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States and cities committed to climate stabilization goals. While significant gains have been made in building new homes and buildings to zero energy or passive house design standards, fixing our existing building stock to minimize greenhouse gas emissions is quite…
By Dave Hewitt |
Natural gas creates carbon dioxide when we burn it to heat buildings and water. But it also leaks methane, an even more potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere when it does not make it all the way to our furnaces and water heaters. Older natural gas lines are more likely to leak. Sometimes the leaks get to explosive levels and make the evening news, but on a regular basis there are smaller…
By Dave Hewitt |
As I expected, my water heater finally sprung a leak. The water heater was here when I bought my home almost 25 years ago, and it looked old then. The plumber who put in the new one said he had only ever seen two other water heaters this old, and thought it might even be original to the house, i.e. installed in 1965. I have been expecting it to fail for 25 years. It finally did. Yes, it was gas…
By Dave Hewitt |
In 2018, NEEP developed an Action Plan to Accelerate Strategic Electrification in the Northeast. The plan came out of an extensive process that included an ongoing steering committee, the production of a regional resource assessment, and a two day conference with over 100 people. At the technology level, the plan included both electric vehicles as well as building decarbonization. At the policy…
By Carolyn Sarno |
Who remembers the original Batman and Robin television show? There have been lots of iterations of the caped crusaders, but in my opinion, Adam West and Burt Ward are the one and only dynamic duo. I know, I know. As I write this, I realize that I’m dating myself. I can vividly remember Saturday mornings with re-runs of Batman, Robin, and the band of villains whose plans they were always trying…
By Cecily McChalicher |
Welcome to the latest REED Rendering issue, a series of blogs where we bring your attention to interesting trends that we see in the data and the stories behind those trends. NEEP has recently added a new year of energy efficiency program data to the Regional Energy Efficiency Database (REED). Which year? Remember that year the Patriots won the Super Bowl? I suppose that’s not a…
regional map 2018.png
By Samantha Caputo |
If we see change as a naturally occurring event - much like the change of seasons - then we can embrace change and enhance our lives. Spring is considered the time of year where things are bursting into bloom and plans become action. States throughout the NEEP region are fully embracing the spirit of spring and showing that there’s no shortage of action. The state of New York has been on a roll…
By David Lis |
Do you remember where you were on June 2, 2014? Some of you may have been in Newport, Rhode Island at NEEP’s first in-person Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) Market Transformation Workshop: Air Source Heat Pump Workshop – Warming Up the Market. Months before the workshop, NEEP had published a market transformation strategies report that had established a roadmap for regional stakeholder collaboration…

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