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By Carolyn Sarno |
During the Great Depression, women were discouraged from working. Why? So that the few jobs available could go to heads of households, aka male breadwinners.   But then, along comes World War II and the majority of the workforce is gone, off to fight the war. The need for war supplies continued to exist and factories across the nation needed workers. What could they do? Who could fill…
By Carolyn Sarno |
Who remembers the original Batman and Robin television show? There have been lots of iterations of the caped crusaders, but in my opinion, Adam West and Burt Ward are the one and only dynamic duo. I know, I know. As I write this, I realize that I’m dating myself. I can vividly remember Saturday mornings with re-runs of Batman, Robin, and the band of villains whose plans they were always trying…
By Carolyn Sarno |
Last month, I attended the Home Performance Conference, and it made a lasting impression.  I was reflecting on a session called Going the Distance: Real Estate and Energy Efficiency Team Up in the Ring. It was moderated by the ever-funny Pamela Brookstein, the Market Transformation Specialist at Elevate Energy. She started off telling a story from that popular movie “The Heat”,…
By Carolyn Sarno |
Working in the field of energy efficiency, there are days when it’s hard to see or feel the exact impact of our work. Last week was different, though. It was a great reminder that the work we do matters and that we are making a big impact, especially in learning environments.   Last week I had the opportunity to tour the Discovery Elementary School, a Zero Energy school located in Arlington…

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