By Chase Macpherson | Fri, January 21, 2022
I’ll be honest – I didn’t think that home insulation would be a holiday party conversation for me just six months into my being at NEEP, but I was wrong. I was having a group of friends over in December, and when someone mentioned that they recently worked with a home energy auditor for free I immediately said “oh my gosh, through the Mass Save program for renters??” So yes, my party had it all!…
By Chase Macpherson | Tue, September 21, 2021
Climate change can feel like a really big, daunting, global problem that is too hard to solve on a small scale, but many towns and communities in the Northeast are doing just that. Almost all of the states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic have set goals for reducing their contributions to climate change, and now NEEP has set out to document the towns and cities that have followed suit,…
By Chase Macpherson | Wed, August 25, 2021
When I’m confronted with a big decision in my life, whether it’s about my career, a relationship, housing, or money, I go to my trusted circle for advice. I know that my parents, sisters, friends, and colleagues will all have valuable perspectives and wisdom that can help me make my decision. We invest in relationships to maintain a support network of people we trust and value, who will give us…

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