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Proposed Transformer Standards Leave Efficiency Advocates Scratching their Heads

You may be surprised to hear that Distribution Transformers (which include the round barrel-looking devices on telephone poles) offer significant energy savings opportunities.  Although most transformers are quite efficient (efficiencies over 98%), the sheer volume of these deployed throughout the country mean even small improvements can result in big savings. A few weeks ago, DOE published

Energy Efficiency: Jobs Creator

Energy Efficiency: Jobs Creator The national news has been focused lately on some high profile renewable energy failures. But they’ve been missing out on the bigger picture: clean energy jobs, powered by energy efficiency, are growing and here to stay. A recent report from Mark Muro and Jonathan Rothwell of the Brookings Institution shows that clean energy jobs are a robust and growing source of employment across the nation.

Policy Tracker

Our most recent Policy Tracker is available now.   Key developments include:
  • State Policy Updates: Delaware Policy Status, New Hampshire Energy Policy Study, New York SBC IV, Rhode Island's New Savings Targets, and Vermont Energy Efficiency Budgets
  • New NEEP Resources: Codes Conference Presentations, Home Energy Efficiency Basics for Real Estate Professionals, and update on DOE Appliance Efficiency Standards
  • New Reports: Energy Efficiency Financing in Vermont and IMT Buliding

Advocacy the theme at DOE Energy Codes 2011 Conference

Hello from Salt Lake City, where the U.S. Department of Energy is hosting its annual energy codes conference. This year's event has a decidedly different feel to it, as codes move from just being in the domain of building officials, to taking center stage for a number of legislative and administrative offices, energy offices, climate change task forces and advocacy groups.

Solutions for the Set-Top Box Challenge?

Thanks to NRDC, a longtime partner of NEEP in helping to set new appliance efficiency standards, the challenge of energy waste from television set-top boxes-those ubiquitous devices that receive cable TV signals or digitally record TV shows-is receiving front-page news coverage.
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