Tackling Market Barriers - NEEP Begins Work with Efficiency Maine on Multi-Family Retrofits

The potential energy savings in the multi-family sector is tremendous. In spite of this, the sector has not been a point of focus for retrofit projects as there are multiple barriers to achieving complete success in these types of projects. Beginning June 1, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships will assist Efficiency Maine in its efforts to develop and deploy a multi-year energy efficiency strategy to accelerate comprehensive energy retrofits in small to medium multi-family housing which are characterized broadly as 10-40 year old, 5-20 unit apartment buildings.  Serving a market of 53,063 such units in Maine, the project will seek to (1) reduce energy consumption by 25 percent or greater in 2 percent of eligible multifamily units per year by 2013; (2) establish a sustainable program with an enduring financial model to ultimately reach 19 percent of such buildings in Maine by 2021; and (3) expand the program model and market momentum to overcome barriers to comprehensive efficiency retrofit in multi-family buildings in other Northeast states. The program will address all fuels and include fuel switching and emerging technologies that maximize energy savings and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Working in an advisory capacity, NEEP will build regional visibility for these best practices and solutions through case studies and workshops to transfer lessons learned and build regional momentum for comprehensive multi-family retrofits.  The research and analysis NEEP conducts on the key barriers and best practice solutions to support comprehensive retrofits will result in policy and program tools that address the market barriers uncovered.  In this capacity NEEP will also serve as a project advisor, tracking relevant program and policy developments regionally, nationally and at the federal level. Meaningful case studies, highlighting success in this housing sector, will demonstrate solutions to these barriers. An online resource center will feature findings from NEEP’s research, case studies and news about multi-family retrofit efforts from around the Northeast and other jurisdictions – a one-stop shop for everything related to multi-family retrofits. To bring stakeholders together – either virtually or in person – one or more regional workshops, including webinars, will be hosted to discuss issues and findings of the project with utilities, landlord associations, lenders, government officials, and efficiency program administrators in the Northeast. For more information on this initiative please contact Ed Londergan.

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