Energy Efficiency Policy Highlights - October 2014

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As the region girds for what the Farmer’s Almanac predicts to be a cold, snowy winter, states, utilities and consumers alike are concerned about gas and electric bills. While there is no silver bullet, energy efficiency programs can help blunt the impact for utility customers.

With that in mind, NEEP and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) Northeast region members have been collaborating on public messaging to help get the word out to consumers that the one part of the bill they can control is their own usage.

A stakeholder group comprised of energy office officials from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York has been meeting regularly since June to share strategies and hone messages that urge consumers to take advantage of energy efficiency programs offered by electric and gas utilities and efficiency program administrators. The participants are now considering how this regional discussion might inform their own communications to fit their specific needs.. Stay tuned for further information on winter peak energy messaging campaign as states across the region collaborate to prepare for the winter ahead. 

Meantime, statewide elections are taking place in several NEEP states on November 4. This will mean new governors in at least two states, and the need for advocates like NEEP to continue educating policymakers about the tremendous value proposition of energy efficiency.

While elected officials come and go, program administrators, regulators and state energy offices continue the day-to-day work of crafting, implementing and evaluating efficiency programs.  Delaware is busy building a framework to oversee new utility-administered efficiency programs, expected to roll out next year. The Division of Energy and Climate is overseeing formation of a new stakeholder Energy Efficiency Advisory Council, complete with expert consultants. Their first meeting will be in November.

New York is in the midst of the most ambitious and comprehensive set of energy policy proceedings in memory. With Reforming the Energy Vision underway and NYSERDA’s new Clean Energy Fund Proposal recently released, NEEP and our allies will continue promoting the role of efficiency in these evolving new models.

Likewise, we are looking to the north in New Hampshire, which recently released a ten-year state energy strategy. It is encouraging to hear Governor Hassan’s support for the efficiency goals called for in the Plan. Now it’s up to the legislature and the Public Utilities Commission move from recommendations to action.

The winter peak, changing utility models, states moving ahead efficiency and clean energy policies— always so much to consider in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Read on for an in-depth look at New York, news on building codes, appliance standards, EM&V and more! Thanks as always for reading Highlights.

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 Natalie Hildt Treat,
Senior Public Policy Outreach Manager



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