Join the DLC in Chicago to Delve into the Ever-Evolving SSL Industry

chicago lights Let us take you on a journey. A journey of commercial lighting developments through time, and into a bright and promising future. Don’t miss the 2013 DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) Stakeholder Meeting in Chicago (July 22-25), where a group of keynote panelists will be presenting exciting developments and prospects in the three main communities which make up DLC stakeholders: utility and energy efficiency programs, lighting manufacturers and lighting designers (Testing labs, installers, researchers and customers have no need to feel left out—we are thinking of you all the time!). Many in the SSL industry believe the low-hanging fruit has now been exhausted; it’s time to climb to the treetops. Our panel of experts includes manufacturer representative Steve Paolini (Next Lighting), lighting designer Derry Berrigan (Light Think Studios), and energy expert Tim Stout (E Source). All three will present on the past, present, and future of commercial lighting as LEDs have gained a stronghold in the market, and continue to be the number one source of energy savings in the U.S. This keynote panel will not only inspire with perspective, insight and excitement about today and the future of LEDs in commercial lighting, it will also set the stage for the contributions, ideas and exchanges that will continue throughout the following two days of the DLC Stakeholder Meeting. The panel will provide an understanding of energy efficiency program policies and why changes continue to arise, what programs evolving needs are, and what inflection points for future responsiveness to utility programs may be. The panelists will also address what tools were handed to industry in the past and what smart lighting tools - such as advanced sensors and tenability - may look like in the future. Last but not least, the keynote panel will look at how lighting tools relate to what people do. After all, the DLC Stakeholder Meeting will be held in Chicago, where many saw electric lighting first used in a big way during the 1893 Colombian Exposition. So, how are LEDs and other impending developments changing the industry’s and our society’s lighting experience? Attend to discover the answers for yourself! Attend the 2013 DLC Stakeholder Meeting in Chicago July 22-25 and find out! Register today.

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