Energy Efficiency Policy Highlights - December/January 2015

Welcome to Highlights! December/January 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, we are witnessing an energy policy landscape of many changes, with more to unfold in 2015. The November elections delivered us new governors in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maryland, and returned the legislature to Republican control in New Hampshire. There will be new public utility commissioners in several states as well as new leadership on some legislative energy committees. And in Delaware, we await the coming of ratepayer-funded statewide efficiency programs, thanks to landmark legislation passed this year.

Against the backdrop of these changes remains a heated public debate about how the region will meet its future energy needs — with an increasing reliance on natural gas and calls for pipeline expansion and questions about who would bear the costs. More states will join New York and Massachusetts in exploring new utility models and modernization of the electric grid. We’re also witnessing a push for markets and private financing to play larger roles in delivering efficiency savings — coupled with concerns over how states will ensure quality, results and progress on climate goals.

We at NEEP still see energy efficiency as the most cost-effective way of meeting customer demand before turning to new transmission and generation projects, and we believe that it’s in the public interest to have strong analysis, planning and stakeholder input before making decisions that will impact ratepayers and progress on broader public policy goals for years to come.

We also believe that while there are many exciting new ways of engaging market actors and aligning interests to advance efficiency and other clean energy solutions, the region should be proud of — and build upon — its record of success in delivering innovative, far-reaching efficiency programs and services.

In early 2015, NEEP will be releasing our annual Regional Roundup of Energy Efficiency Policy. Aside from our look back at the major successes and challenged in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, you’ll see a greater focus on regional trends and our take on what the future may hold.

In the meantime, please read on for loads of news from our buildings, standards, and EM&V Forum teams. We welcome your feedback, and hope to see you in Baltimore on January 14 for the Forum’s Annual Public Meeting!

­Natalie Hildt Treat

Senior Manager, Public Policy Outreach

 Natalie Hildt Treat,
Senior Public Policy Outreach Manager



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