The NEEP Allies Program: A Perfect Way to Enhance Your Impact

NEEP implemented a new strategic plan in 2017 and defined its mission as leveraging energy efficiency as a pathway to carbon reduction. Is your organization also committed to moving efficiency forward? If your focus is on using efficiency as a foundation to reduce carbon emissions, we’d like to partner with you. And, we have the perfect opportunity – our Allies Program.

If you want to grow your footprint in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, and you want to publicize the good work you’re doing, the Allies Program is for you. NEEP is a twenty-year old organization, recognized and respected in this region. Joining the Allies Program provides you with a valuable affiliation to highlight the ways your organization is helping this region reduce its carbon emissions.

What is the Allies Program?

The NEEP Allies Program is a platform for engagement for stakeholders working in the energy efficiency space. When you are a NEEP Ally, you demonstrate to your stakeholders, to your employees, and to your clients that you are committed to advancing energy efficiency in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Some of our Allies have been around since the beginning of the program in 2009.

Anyone can become a NEEP Ally. We welcome businesses, institutions, agencies, or other organizations seeking to unlock the low-carbon potential and associated reliability and economic benefits of energy efficiency. Become part of our regional network of energy efficiency leaders, movers and shakers. Take a look at who is part of our Allies Program right now.

2018 Allies Program

What are the benefits of being an Ally?

There is a long list of benefits offered to our Allies. And, the list keeps growing, thanks to ideas and inputs that come from our very own Allies network. This is probably a main reason why this network has tripled its members over the past year. It is a dynamic and diverse pool of energy efficiency actors.

If you are looking for financial benefits, we definitely have those for you. Each Ally receives four complimentary passes to NEEP workshops, and one complimentary ticket for our much anticipated Advanced Efficiency Leadership Summit. You will also get a 20 percent discount on any type of event sponsorship: this is what I call a special bargain!

If you are looking for a way to gain recognition in our region, being a NEEP Ally can be part of your plan. You can publish an article on our blog (see how our Allies Fujitsu, Cool Green Power and  EnergySavvy have contributed to the conversation), we can help spread the word about your news on our different communications channels, and we recognize our Allies on our website and at all our public in-person events or webinars. We want to help put your name out there.

If you are looking to gain better access to NEEP resources and want to make sure to stay informed of news and happenings on energy efficiency, we’ll share weekly public policy updates, building codes updates, and Allies-only webinars. Get an inside scoop on industry news as well as on the latest NEEP projects and publications through conversations with our staff.

Icing on the cake? Your partnership with NEEP will pool resources and dollars to advance a common goal around energy efficiency.


NEEP is not an advocacy group, and our team is committed to provide you with the latest information about energy efficiency– technical analysis that is unbiased and apolitical. NEEP gathers stakeholders to advance the adoption of technologies, to make energy efficiency more tangible and concrete for everyone (businesses and private individuals), and to help each community reach a low-carbon future.

Joining NEEP’s Allies Program confirms your engagement and willingness to support the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region in achieving its goal of 80 percent carbon reduction by 2050. The network of our Allies has been growing over the past two years, and will get stronger thanks to your involvement.

Join this coalition of the willing and get recognized among your peers.

To learn more about the Allies Program, contact Jessica Augat, Industry Relations & Event Manager at and 781.860.9177 x120.


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