NEEP on Lighting Standards on the Boston Globe's Podium

The coming federal residential lighting standards continue to be a major topic in the news. NEEP has been reaching out to policymakers and the general public to demonstrate the immense benefits to consumers that will result when these standards are implemented. NEEP's Public Policy Outreach Manager Natalie Hildt weighed in today's Boston Globe with a new piece, "Light Bulb Regulations Offer Consumers More Choices." Here's a preview: "To hear the Tea Party tell it, new federal light bulb regulations due to come into effect next year will rob consumers of the right to buy the bulb of their choice and amount to a massive assault on individual economic liberty — practically the most villainous legislation since King George signed the Stamp Act. But the critics are way off base. Contrary to their assertions, the light bulb rules signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2007 don't actually ban anything. Consumers who want Edison's 132-year incandescent bulbs will still be able to get them — as long as they meet the law's requirement of 30 percent greater energy-efficiency. But there will also be plenty of new alternatives at the hardware store. Indeed, far from stifling choice, the new bulb rules have spurred the creation of more options than ever existed before." Take a moment and check out the whole piece over on the Globe's Podium site!

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