A Visible Vision

If you keep up with our blog, social media activity, or our newsletter, you may remember our recent move from 91 Hartwell to 81 Hartwell last July. A big part of this move was embracing our refined vision, and we were lucky enough to find a space that not only gave us a fresh perspective on collaboration, but also a large, open space, ready to make our own.

To further personalize and fully embody our new space, NEEP recently contracted the help of Alexander Golob, a local muralist and art consultant for the city of Methuen. We were drawn to the similarities in his work and ours — the seemingly “unfinished” lines and puzzle-like geometry align closely with our evolving work, putting the pieces of efficiency together in our region.

Our story is told on three separate walls which become visible only when progressing further into the space.


NEEP entry way


The first wall, in the waiting area just past the kitchen, is visible through the glass door as soon as you arrive. NEEP staff collaborated to create a list of words related to our work, our mission, and our vision, which were then arranged on the wall at an upward angle, signifying positivity, growth, and change. Overlaid on these words are the letters that form our logo, cut from sustainably-sourced wood, and given a deep varnish while still retaining the raw grain. This wall symbolizes our roots, and is intended to give the viewer a general understanding of where we begin as an organization.


NEEP yellow wall mural finished


In full view of the introductory wall, a second, bolder wall now makes itself apparent. The imagery on this wall becomes more specific, depicting the methods and the means in which NEEP does its work. Collaboration, partnership, efficiency, and renewable energy are all embodied here. Like the slant of the of the words on the previous wall – which seems to point viewers further down the hallway - the opposite angle of the iconography of this wall seems to now direct you into our main office space.


NEEP mural finished


In our main office space, Alexander Golob’s signature style is clearly present. From our beginnings, to our current work, to the future — this final mural symbolizes an evolution of the region. Iconic buildings from cities across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (can you spot them?) are unified in space, symbolizing the connectedness of our region and our world.

NEEP Mural Progress

We at NEEP are tremendously excited to be putting these finishing touches on our new space to catalyze a new phase in our journey as an organization. Since 2017, we have been re-envisioning a future where energy generation is as clean as possible, deep efficiency and renewables are widely valued, and communities across the country are harnessing their own power to reach (and maybe even surpass) their carbon reduction goals. Our new home, with the NEEP vision now clearly on display, reminds us each day how important this work is to us.


Many thanks to Alexander for the collaborative spirit, expertise, and innovative touch he helped bring to our space. To see more of his work, visit his website.


NEEP & Alexander Golob

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