ACE in an Instant: The Latest in Community Efficiency


Communities – whether at the state or jurisdictional level – are stepping up and taking their energy future into their own hands. And, in discussions about the energy future of communities, there’s also talk around reaching carbon reduction and resiliency goals. Communities are exercising their power and autonomy in making their goals a reality.

Sounds simple, but it really isn’t. There’s no “one size fits all” energy solution for communities. It’s a complex and individualized process with specific and unique solutions for each community. However, a new joint project called Achieving Community Efficiency (ACE) will help transform energy efficiency initiatives in communities.

From rural West Virginia to the suburbs of Boston, ACE starts by meeting communities where they are, which is a major goal of the project. ACE seeks to advance energy efficiency initiatives in small, medium, and rural communities through direct engagement with local leaders by providing customized technical assistance and resources on a variety of topical areas ensuring targeted and relevant assistance.

ACE is a collaborative project between the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources and NEEP, funded through the U.S. Department of Energy’s competitive State Energy Program. The goal of this work is to engage 150 small, medium, and rural communities to increase energy affordability, reliability, and resiliency through seven key principles.

Through stakeholder engagement activities, direct technical assistance, resource development, and improved access to resources, this project will help communities across the region achieve our shared energy and carbon reduction goals.

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For more information and to get involved in the project, either as a community or project partner, contact John Balfe. If you are a community looking to take immediate action, check out our Community Action Planning for Energy Efficiency (CAPEE) tool to get connected to resources and a roadmap for reducing energy and carbon reduction in your community today.

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