Advanced Building Energy Codes: Knowledge at your Fingertips

Free one hour webinar on Tuesday, May 31st (3-4 PM)

It is widely accepted that implementing advanced building energy codes presents one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving large scale energy savings and carbon emissions reductions.  However, with ever-changing code regulations and building science modifications, it can seem daunting knowing where to find the most up-to-date information on building energy codes. If you’ve ever felt unsure of where to turn for reliable and current information on state code advancement, adoption and compliance look no further than the DOE’s Building Energy Code Program (BECP) – a one stop shop for your building energy code needs. DOE’s BECP provides a wealth of knowledge and resources, as well as financial and technical support, for states working to upgrade, implement, and enforce state energy codes. In an effort to connect building energy code stakeholders with the basic tools and assistance they need to be successful, NEEP and DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are co-hosting a one hour webinar on Tuesday, May 31st (3-4 PM) that will detail the many free resources available to assist states in their building energy code activities. Whether you’re a code official, policy maker, architect, contractor or lighting designer, next Tuesday’s free webinar will provide you with a valuable learning opportunity on BECP activities and resources – leaving you better equipped to tackle your ongoing building energy code work. Key adoption and compliance tools, like COMcheck, REScheck, and the 2009 IECC Prescriptive Drill-Down will be covered, as well as Score+Store – an online web application that stores building evaluation data and scores both states and individual buildings on their compliance efforts. Hear about the model energy code updates featured in the 2012 IECC and an exciting update on new software developments being released this summer. REGISTER NOW to attend and begin tapping into the knowledge and resources you need to advance your state’s building energy code work.

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