By Brendan Golubjatnikov | Thu, May 24, 2012
State Senator Will Brownsberger How does it feel to be on the cutting edge of residential energy efficiency (EE) in Massachusetts? State Senator Will Brownsberger knows:  he recently commissioned a significant deep energy retrofit (DER) on his Belmont home, which helped to reduce overall energy use by 74%. I recently spoke with Mr. Brownsberger about his overall experience with the…
By Brendan Golubjatnikov | Thu, April 19, 2012
State Senator Will Brownsberger It’s easy for leaders to speak in platitudes about “going green.” It’s a lot harder to take a look at one’s own home and undertake a major renovation to save energy. Massachusetts State Senator Will Brownsberger of Belmont truly walks the talk. Brownsberger lists Clean Energy as the first long-term goal on his website. And in 2008…

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