Going Upstream: NEEP is recognized for collaborative work in new report

Rocky Mountain Institute

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is a research and consulting non-profit in Colorado exploring the opportunities for increased efficiency with existing and new technologies.  The RMI recently published a report: Turbo Charging Energy Efficiency Programs, calling for utilities to dig deeper and broader for increased efficiency savings. In a blog post today on the RMI Outlet, authors Brendan O'Donnell and Mathias Bell highlight  NEEP's collaborative work with regional program administrators, manufacturers and retailers as an innovative approach toward maximizing the availability of efficient products to consumers.   Here's a snippet of what they  had to say: "To make things easier for customers, some utilities have wisely begun to work upstream with manufacturers, vendors and retailers. Instead of offering the customer rebates, the utilities are providing incentives to product suppliers to ensure that store shelves are stocked only with ENERGY STAR appliances. One upstream program that we think is particularly effective is the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership's (NEEP) Retail Products Initiative." Also highlighted in this report is one of our Sponsors, New York State Research and Development Authority for their New Construction Program. We here at NEEP have always believed that market transformation can only happen through collaboration with all the key stakeholders in the process.  From policy makers to manufacturers to consumers, awareness of efficiency can spur advancement.  Our Retail Products Initiative is just one example of how we work with players in the efficiency industry regionally and around the globe to accelerate energy efficiency. Read RMI's blog post in full and find out more about their new report, Turbo Charging Energy Efficiency Programs.

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