By Emme Luck |
As energy efficiency leaders embark on the journey to make more equitable decisions, it is critical to understand the landscape of energy inequities in one's jurisdiction before moving to solutions. This blog will outline NEEP's newest resources – a story map, brief, and glossary – on implementing equitable policies. These resources identify the state of energy inequities in the Northeast and Mid…
By Emme Luck |
UPDATE: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed H.B. 549 on Thursday, February 24. Over the past few months, the state of energy efficiency in New Hampshire has taken some dramatic turns. The state’s energy efficiency programs have historically brought significant energy savings and workforce stimulation, yet after the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) order in November of 2021, their…
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By Emme Luck |
As Healthy Schools Day approaches, we are reflecting upon the importance of healthy learning environments and the ways in which we create holistic and productive spaces for our youngest community members. Healthy Schools Day is intended to build public awareness and support for the consideration of health in school design and maintenance.  You may be wondering how healthy schools fit into…

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