August 2014

By Natalie Hildt Treat |
NEEP joined friends in Delaware and fellow supporters of energy efficiency from around the nation in cheering a landmark bill passed in the final hours of the state’s legislative session. Included as an amendment to Senate Bill 150, the legislation set the stage for the state’s ratepayer-funded electric and gas efficiency programs to be administered by utility providers. Natalie Hildt Treat,…
By Danielle Wilson |
Danielle Wilson, Regional EM&V Forum Associate Comparing the Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V) world to alphabet soup can be an apt description. ANSI, TRM, NREL, TNB, UMP, FERC, NAESB are just a few of the acronyms and initialisms that came up at the pre-Summit evaluation workshop hosted by NEEP’s Regional EM&V Forum (the Forum) on June 2.* Over 60 policymakers,…

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