Industry Experts to Speak at NEEP’s Regional Multifamily Workshop

Maine-Mulitfamily Stakeholders from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region are recognizing the importance of tackling the unique challenges of energy efficiency in multifamily buildings. NEEP will host a Regional Multifamily Workshop on Tuesday, June 18 in conjunction with the Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit to provide an overview of activities in the region and insights into policies and programs that can move the multifamily retrofit market forward. There will be three sessions presented by industry experts: Public Policy that Values and Support Retrofits, Finance, and Communications Methods and Strategies. Each has an important role in building momentum for achieving deep energy savings in this important market. Attendees will include local, state, and federal government officials such as energy and housing officials, utilities, lenders, efficiency program administrators, non-governmental organizations, property owners/managers, industry advocates, and other stakeholders from the 11 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia.
Multifamily Project Manager
Leading speakers include:
  • Ed Connolly, President, New Ecology
  • Leslie Cook, Program Manager, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Lisa Hodges, Senior Adviser, Oystertree Consulting
Gathering together as thought-leaders and stakeholders within the realm of multi-family efficiency is a crucial step in overcoming the barriers that face this particular market. We are excited to discover unprecedented, innovative ways to achieve our regional, national, and global goals for a cleaner energy portfolio alongside of a robust economy. We look forward to seeing you there!

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