NEEP’s DesignLights Consortium® receives AESP award!

Jon Linn (Left), John Hargrove (Right) Jon Linn (Left), John Hargrove (Right)
We here at NEEP are ecstatic to be recognized by Association of Energy Service Professionals (AESP) for Outstanding Achievement in Energy Program Design Implementation  for our DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) project.  AESP, is a national organization dedicated to improving the delivery and implementation of energy efficiency, and has been a leader in collaborating with partners in the energy industry to recognize energy efficiency programs that truly transform the market.  NEEP’s Jon Linn, Commercial Programs Manager, was at AESP’s annual conference to accept the award. The DLC provides technical expertise for cutting edge, energy efficient lighting technologies and has driven the market towards innovation. Since 2009, the DLC has administered the Qualified Products List (QPL), a leading resource to distinguish quality, high efficiency LED (Light Emitting Diodes) products for the commercial lighting sector. Today, the QPL sets the bar for efficiency program incentives while informing manufacturer product development. With LEDs on the cutting edge of solid state lighting (SSL) technology, customers, suppliers and energy efficiency program managers are anxious to take advantage of promising cost and energy savings for a limitless number of applications.  To provide customers with the best lighting experience possible, energy efficiency programs across the country and in Canada, look to the DLC QPL -  a list of high quality and energy efficient commercial LED products – to determine which SSL products to include in their customer rebate programs.  Today, the DLC consists of over 50 members, collaborates with approximately 250 luminaire manufacturers, and the QPL is home to over 18,000 highly efficient quality commercial LED products. "NEEP, with the formation of the DesignLights Consortium®, has been able to help set criteria for energy efficiency in the commercial solid state lighting industry and continues to drive innovation and creativity in this sector," said Susan E. Coakley, Executive Director of NEEP. "This award is a testament to the successful collaboration among stakeholders and impact on the SSL market that this program has sparked."

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